Meet the Family

In 2017, our family of four stumbled across a plot of land in the little town of Castle Rock, MN. In a place where roads are gravel and folks talk about land in "quarter-quarter sections", we were a bit out of our element.  We had dreamt for years of getting away from the small grid of suburbia. We took a leap of faith and bought 7 acres of overgrown and undisturbed land and build our dream house.  For the first year, we learned (e.g. were forced to learn) about propane tanks, satellite internet, large-scale mowing and plowing a dirt driveway.  We learned to recognize late-night coyote chatter and experienced, for the first time, the miraculous rural night sky.

We have always been passionate about animals, and throughout our learning, we have been inspired by so many farm animal sanctuaries. We decided to start our own non-profit sanctuary in June 2018. We are newly founded and small compared to some of the amazing sanctuaries out there, but we are learning so much and are thankful for the support, encouragement and advice we have received from the sanctuary community.  We love our residents dearly and continue to have big dreams of rescuing farm animals who have been abused, abandoned and neglected.